I try to write the best handbooks ever written on each topic I'm interested in.

My approach:

In short, when something strikes me as overwhelming but worthwhile, I figure out how to make it easy for everyone. That's what excites me.

Once I'm done, I've published a book-quality guide that is more concise and effective than what you'd find on bookshelves. And it's free.

"With an hour to save the world, I'd spend 50 minutes defining the problem and 10 minutes solving it."
– Unknown
Non-writing work

I started NameLayer, a domain name company that sold premium domains to startups and Fortune 500's. After NameLayer's launch, I wrote the guide that startups often consult when choosing a name. NameLayer was acquired by Techstars to help name their startups.


I made Velocity — a popular open source library. It's used by Samsung, Uber, WhatsApp, and thousands of others. I published a book on it through Pearson. I was also awarded the Stripe grant, with which I made Libscore. I was interviewed about it here and here.


directed⁺ videos⁺ where I interviewed startup founders. I've also directed promo⁺ videos⁺ for Webflow (where I was VP of Marketing). Also, in college, I fooled around with mock⁺ TV spots⁺! I plan to get better at my filmmaking hobby in 2018.

Films, performers, and musicians I find brilliant

Email me: Use inquiry [at this domain] for serious media and business inquiries only.