I'm Julian. I try to write the best handbook on every topic I'm interested in:

In short, when something strikes me as overwhelming yet worthwhile, I discover how to make expertise approachable for everyone.

My non-guide content lives on my Blog and Twitter feed.


An expert does not necessarily make for a good teacher. 

Teaching is a skill unto itself that many people are not intuitively good at. 

Most articles, interviews, and courses are led by people who never learned to teach.

Great teachers explain how to cook instead of merely analyzing a recipe. Great teachers understand narrative: They make their content universally appealing. They keep you fully engaged throughout. 

So, spend less time seeking experts and more time seeking great teachers.

Because it's teachers — not experts — who excite you about new parts of the world. Whether you went in expecting that or not. Plus, you will likely achieve greater mastery in a topic that a great teacher teaches. Even if they're not experts.



I run Bell Curve, a growth agency for tech companies. I was interviewed about it here.


I started NameLayer, a domain name company that sold premium domains to startups and Fortune 500's. After NameLayer's launch, I wrote the guide that startups often consult when choosing a name. NameLayer was acquired by Techstars to help name their startups.


I made Velocity — a popular open source library. It's used by Samsung, Uber, WhatsApp, and thousands of others. I published a book on it through Pearson. I was also awarded the Stripe grant, with which I made Libscore. I was interviewed about it here and here.

Want to email me? Inquiry {at my domain} for serious media inquiries.