First, master fundamentals. Then, play infinite games.
— James Stuber

Cut through the noise

I spend thousands of hours trying to simplify the mastery of ambiguous things:

  1. I pick a skill I want to be good at.
  2. I research and experiment to uncover its principles. I question assumptions behind its conventional teaching.
  3. I get my hands dirty. Because the "difference between knowledge and wisdom is experience,” and I need experience to teach others.
  4. I rewrite until my handbook strikes me as one of the best things I've written.
  5. I release the handbook for free.

Handbooks instead of books

Surprisingly, books are a relatively poor medium for education and discussion:

  1. Books become outdated, whereas I update my handbooks a few times per year.
  2. Books lack audio and video, which are at times critical for effective teaching.
  3. Books contain boring filler to reach page count requirements.
  4. Book excerpts can't be linked. So, people rarely return to re-read.


My startup is Demand Curve, a Y Combinator-funded training program that teaches companies and individuals to become expert marketers. Our clients include Microsoft, Imperfect Produce, Perfect Keto, and hundreds of others.

I also write a marketing column for TechCrunch and occasionally appear on podcasts to talk about marketing, including Indie Hackers and Mixergy.

In my free time, I write handbooks and blog posts on I'm grateful to say they've been read by millions.

Before Demand Curve, I started NameLayer, a domain name inventory that sold domains to startups and Fortune 500's. After our launch, I wrote the guide that startups consult when choosing a name. NameLayer was later acquired by Techstars.

I also created Velocity, a popular animation library used by Samsung, Uber, WhatsApp, and thousands more. I published a book on it via Pearson. Velocity was awarded the Stripe Open Source Grant. I was interviewed about my open source work on Forbes.

Unconventional beliefs


Critical thinking
Van Morrison
Growth marketing
Web design
Rick and Morty
Eric Weinstein
Interior design
San Francisco


Pop music
Clickbait news
Celebrity gossip
Added sugar
Twitter snark
City noise
Virtue signalling
School system


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