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I use my handbooks to deconstruct how things work:

  1. I pick a skill I want to be good at.
  2. I research and experiment to uncover its principles. I question the assumptions behind its conventional teaching.
  3. "The difference between knowledge and wisdom is experience,” so I get my hands dirty and experiment.
  4. I rewrite until I have a handbook that is interesting, concise, and effective.
  5. I post updates to my Newsletter along the way.
  6. I release the handbook for free. Each takes around 500 hours. They're read by up to one million people yearly.


I spend my time investing in deep tech startups via Julian.capital. You can submit a deck here DeepChecks.vc.

Previously, I founded Demand Curve, a Y Combinator startup that grows other companies: we've trained thousands of companies in growth. I also wrote TechCrunch's marketing column.

Before investing and growth, I was an engineer. I created Velocity, an animation engine used by Samsung, Uber, WhatsApp, and thousands more.

Velocity was awarded the Stripe Open Source Grant. I was interviewed about my work on Forbes.

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