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Most startup advice is not worth reading.

I'm Julian. I show people how to quickly learn things they think are hard. This guide teaches you to build a startup with the lowest chance of failure.

Most startup advice glosses over the truth: that you're overwhelmingly likely to fail (even with a good idea) and that you're going to be stressed the entire time.

But it's worth it. Startups are exhilarating and they give your career clear purpose.

This guide is the result of a three year search to identify the most efficient way to build a startup. Efficient means minimizing wasted time and reducing the chance of failure.

If you were impressed with the quality of my Build Muscle ðŸ’ªðŸ¼ guide, you will be impressed with this guide too.

Who am I? I’m a founder and coder in San Francisco. I’ve built a very popular software project, and I’ve started and sold a tech company. I've also written a book.

After selling my company, I wanted to learn everything about getting customers and optimizing revenue so that my next company would be bigger. I spent a year as the VP of Marketing for a popular tech company, Webflow. I then left to advise the fastest growing tech startups (e.g. Indiegogo, Clearbit, Heap Analytics, and many others) on how to get customers quicker.

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This is the thought process that kicked off this guide:

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