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What is art?

I believe artforms improve over time. The more art that came before, the more you can assess what worked and what didn't—and iterate on it. Movies, music—all of it—is often better than it was.

I know that's controversial. I know nostalgia and wanting to signal your cultural taste blind us to this likely truth.

That said, all new art isn't universally better than all prior art. Economics and culture pressure new art into optimizing for vanity metrics.

But the best art of each era trends to being better than the best art of the prior era.

If an artform can systematically improve via analysis and iteration, what distinguishes it from engineering? One thing: disparate, non-obvious breakthroughs borne by creativity. These breakthroughs are critical and warrant respect, but they're inevitably improved upon over time.

And so I present to you my favorite media, without shame that there isn't a greater representation of older art.





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