julian Shapiro
namelayer. velocity. libscore.
I'm the founder of NameLayer, the commercialization of algorithms to find needles in the haystack of the domain name aftermarket. We sold premium domains to startups and Fortune 500's. After NameLayer's launch, I wrote the popular guide that many startups consult when choosing their name. NameLayer was ultimately acquired by Techstars as a means to name their next generation of startups.
I'm the creator of Velocity.js, one of the most popular animation libraries, and a top 80 JavaScript library on GitHub. It's used by Tumblr.com, Gap.com, WhatsApp.com, and others. I've written about it on Smashing Magazine and Mozilla. In 2015, I published Web Animation with Pearson.
I'm the recipient of Stripe's Open Source Grant award, with which I created Libscore in partnership with Stripe and DigitalOcean. Libscore is the web's first tool for holistically tracking JavaScript library usage. Its launch was covered on The Next WebVenturebeat, and InfoWorld.
I gave the keynote lecture at the world's largest instructional coding event, where I had the opportunity to teach 500 people at once the basics of web programming. I now serve as a judge for Awwwards.